If you use either open office or libre office, both freeware word and excel compatible, to open microsoft word document / excel documents there is a free built-in off print facility.  You only need to open the word / excel documents in either free office software and then print using the built-in print button and you will have a off version of your documents leaving the originals intact.

I hope this assists anyone needing to convert word/ excel documents into off documents.

Richard Barrett

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Re FAQ 135



It requires all files to be stored digitally as a PDF .

For many this may mean converting all word documents on case management system individually onto a PDF or printing and scanning them all onto a PDF .

This appears unnecessarily onerous and I wonder if most systems allow for this and if not it might be worthwhile checking with them and feeding back to LCCSA/ LAA .




135. Q. Can 8.10 of the Standard Terms be amended so that documents can be held in Excel and Word formats as well as pdf?

A: As per Clause 8.10 of the Standard Terms, any records of Contract Work which are held electronically must be in PDF format.








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