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So the transfer window's shut but trials in the close season?
On Tue, 17/4/18, Steven Bird <SBird@birds.eu.com> wrote:

 Subject: LCCSA Football
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 Date: Tuesday, 17 April, 2018, 15:26

 Seem to have started a
 thread with the football email
 The LCCSA has a 5 a side
 team which started as a vets team but which now plays on a
 Tuesday evening at 7.30 at the Calthorpe Project (Kings
 Cross) in a league of 10 teams including chambers and
 solicitors firms. We are still largely vets.
  The games have become rather sporadic as we only have one
 pitch booking to play a league involving 10 teams.

 This is an odd version of
 the game as it is played on a fussball court (hockey size
 goals), the ball never goes out of play, over head height is
 allowed and it is full contact.
 We also enter a five a
 side team for the annual Just For Kids charity tournament in
 I was asked to make up an
 11 a side team to play Charter Chambers (who are also in
 that league) for their inaugural competition and using the 5
 a side squad have put together a team for that event.
 However, the size of our
 regular squad is diminishing and we would welcome new
 players. If anyone is interested, please let me know (off
 the LCCSA group). Our next 5 a side game is 15/5/18 but I
 will consider trying to sort out a practice
  game beforehand if we have enough interest. From that we
 can see whether I need to change the squad for the game on
 Please note that the team
 receives no financial backing from the LCCSA and it is a pay
 to play (and pay to buy your own kit).
 Good to see so many keen
 footballers out there.
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