RE: Bar Strikes Mark Troman 19 Apr 2018 11:24 BST

The 1st April action will not really be brought into fruition until this Monday.  Those cases charged after Sunday 1/4/18 would only start to be heard from the 30th.

We should resist any attempt to reduce credit for unrepresented defendants.  Perhaps, in correspondence, solicitors should be seeking adjournments of PTPHs rather than the setting of timetables because of exactly that concern.

Or, for those in custody, request the court set both a trial date but a further PTPH date so as not to prejudice their position regarding credit.

Remember though, under the new guidelines, credit for IO or EW matters starts to diminish from the MC, where most defendants would not have met their trial advocate in any event.  I fear that sets a precedent here.  Doesn't mean we shouldn't argue it.

Those affected by the action of the summer of 2015 might recall how judges dealt with this for their clients.

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Anyone any experience of custody cases for PTPH subject to the strike and how courts have dealt with them?

Emma Lambie

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